The topic of digitization is characterized mainly by confusion. The variety of different technological solutions, fast living trends, conflicting interests, industry specific requirements and last but not least the enormous economic potential drive especially the big market participants to position themselves. This can be accepted as a standard market behaviour and one should therefore focus on his own targets. Only after the new business model has been thoroughly defined it makes sense to look on the enabling technology – all technical solutions are ready and available!
Digitization: Make information and events digitally processable, to an extend not seen before

Industry 4.0: Intelligent connection of product development, manufacturing, logistics and customer

Big Data: Mass data in the dimensions of volume, velocity and variety which cannot be processed manually or with traditional data technology


When getting to the point of implementation of a digital strategy, the technology to use becomes an important criteria. Reliability, longevity, interoperability, modularity, scalability and costs need to be evaluated in light of the already used hardware/software. A decentral availability of the company data at any time, any place, by any device and with the highest possible security are standard requirements.


Successful companies offer their products regional, nationwide or even worldwide. If they plan to expand business and to conquer new regions a detailed analysis is needed to explore risks and opportunities. Each market, each country, each culture has its own specialty and knowing those is essential for an evaluation if expansion can be successful and will create incremental value.