A world without computers - unimaginable

Digitization is happening now and will dominate our future, just the speed of implementation will increase dramatically.

Gartner estimates a number of 80 billion “things” to be connected by 2021. The amount of data that will be created is not imaginable.

Moreover, it is essential to find out what is the right digitization strategy for your specific business model and how the generated data can be used in a reasonable way. There are various targets for a change to digital and they are specific to companies, industries and regions. But in essence they all go back to 2 basic objectives:

  • Cost and process optimization
  • Enabling incremental value chains

Usually the consultancy will work along the following process, specific amendments are possible.

From idea to implementation

1Analysis of existing business models

Starting point of a consultancy ist to define the status quo considering the aspects of

  • Finance
  • Process
  • Competition

This will result in a strengths/weakness profile of your company.

2Define new digital business model

In a second step, we will commonly agree the desired future state including

  • Vision
  • Description of new services / offers
  • Need of cooperations
  • Radical or smooth transformation
  • Define milestones
  • Data security and usage
3Selection of capable technology partners

Based on the existing situation an evaluation of the following areas is required

  • Existing IT and required enhancements
  • Make or Buy
  • Software / Hardware
  • Stuff / Skills

When the target and the resources are defined, a detailed plan will be created

  • Communication plan
  • Project plan
  • Project team / timelines
  • Risk & change management
5Measure success

Each project needs measuring of success, already during the implementation phase as only this will allow to recognize blockages and allow for corrections.

  • Define KPIs
  • Measure constantly KPIs